• Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities


    These positions are available periodically and do not require a specific commitment. Feel free to volunteer once, twice, or as often as we need you. Opportunities are sent out via our email list. Let us know about your interests by emailing about these opportunities.

    Desired Skills:

    Administrative Help: Examples of the kind of tasks this is are updating and maintaining the SAS/FWCAT mailing lists, database entry, adding contact information to email lists, and other similar tasks.

    Graphic Design and Layout: This volunteer work involves fundamental design and layout skills in working with Staff to create posters, brochures, one-pagers, event announcement flyers, creating and updating powerpoint presentations, etc.

    Research Projects: Occasional short and long-term research projects on the subject of Human Trafficking.

    Community Outreach: This volunteer work would be tabling for SAS/FWCAT at local community events, trainings, conferences, etc. Volunteers would be interfacing with the public and representing SAS/FWCAT so completing the SAS or FWCAT New Volunteer Training is required. Volunteers would need to have reliable transportation in order to transport outreach materials.

    Online Outreach Campaigns: SAS collaborates with a wide range of community partners and stakeholders and is always seeking to reach further into the community and connect. Volunteers would help with email and other virtual outreach work.

    Project-driven Tasks: Volunteers would assist SAS and FWCAT with specific short-term projects — expanding Human Trafficking in the local Healthcare industry, reaching out to community organizations to offer our Human Trafficking presentations/ training, contacting current and new donors and sponsors, etc — in a variety of tasks.

    Photographer/Videographer: This volunteer position is event-specific and entails documenting SAS fundraising and community events via photos and/or video.

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  • Tech Volunteers


    Volunteering with SAS on the tech team offers many different areas of work and we need a variety of skill sets! We are a remote-first volunteer engineering team. From software engineering to data science to UI/UX design, there’s room for many different tech-related skill sets. 

    We have an Angular web client/.Net backend project called Project Intercept that helps reach victims of trafficking and disrupt buyers that is an all-volunteer engineering effort. This SAAS web platform is backed by web crawlers and survivor-informed chatbots, so not only is it a tech-for-good project, but it’s also a challenging project filled with new technologies that will engage skilled software engineers.

    Other projects include WordPress development, technology related content writing and marketing, as well as web design and user experience design.

    Desired Skills:

    We have many different levels of contributions for software engineers, but in particular, we are looking for:

    • Skilled testers who can help us stabilize our platform with unit & end-to-end integration tests
    • Front-end developers who can help us polish the web platform
    • WordPress developers to help us maintain and improve our websites
    • DevOps folks that can help streamline and stabilize and secure our processes and work


    If you are not a software engineer but have other tech-related experience, we would benefit from the following skills:

    • Developing our design languages
    • Copywriting & refining marketing materials for our technology suite
    • Developing guides and materials to help customers achieve their goals in reducing sex trafficking in their area and reaching victims


    Please send along a brief description of the type of volunteer opportunity you are looking for as well as a current resume.

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  • On your own


    If you prefer working on your own, here are things you can do to help support Seattle Against Slavery and fight Human Trafficking:

    • buy Fair Trade goods
    • attend the SAS New Volunteer Training to increase your knowledge of Trafficking
    • donate to SAS/FWCAT and other anti-Trafficking organizations
    • host a ‘Human Trafficking Awareness’ presentation and/or event in your local community: at a community center, school, faith-based organization, cultural organization, community association, business group, women’s group, men’s group, etc.
    • contact Claudia Lawrence for a list of our free presentations and trainings.
    • hold a fundraiser or other community event and donate the proceeds to SAS/FWCAT
    • participate in legislative and other advocacy campaigns
    • Like/Follow the Facebook pages and other social media sites of SAS, FWCAT, and other anti-Human Trafficking organizations

    Desired Skills:

    Email us for more info!

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