Trafficking Prevention for Schools

Trafficking Prevention for Schools (TPfS) by Seattle Against Slavery works to empower young people to become allies in the fight against human trafficking. TPfS aligns with violence prevention, health, and safety curricula already being taught at the middle school level and meets several Common Core State Standards. Each group we work with is separated by gender for 3 out of the 4 sessions in order to create a safe space in which students feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues such as gender, sexuality, violence, oppression, and privilege.


By the conclusion of the program, students will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of labor trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and prostitution and the related violence;
  2. Critically discuss the many societal influences that shape masculinity and normalize gender-based violence and sexual exploitation;
  3. Demonstrate empathy towards individuals in the sex trade and women at large; and
  4. Explore cultural norms and the media’s influence and how they shape our perceptions about what it means to “be a woman” or to “be a man”; and
  5. Use their skills and knowledge to become allies against human trafficking by identifying tangible ways in which they can help end exploitation in the sex and labor industries.


Trained facilitators will deliver four 45-minute sessions and create a safe environment for participants to discuss healthy relationships, violence prevention, and both social and personal responsibility. If you are interested in helping us provide this important curriculum to your students, please contact Tanya Fernandez, Education Director, at 360-747-7231 or  Tanya@seattleagainstslavery.org