Freedom Signal

Technology to Combat Online Sex Trafficking


A text offering help before exploitation takes place

We believe that every person in the sex trade deserves connection. For advocates helping victims of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, we created software that helps advocates directly reach out and connect to people in the sex trade online.

Freedom Signal is an online platform to help advocates develop ongoing relationships through texting


We enable direct service organizations to send targeted text-based outreach to potential victims identified through web scraping. When a potential victim replies, it enables advocates to build trust with vulnerable populations in acute crisis.

Freedom Signal’s outreach technology was designed by software engineers and survivors of online sex trafficking to address the specific needs of this population, while ensuring a safe, direct channel of communication.

Freedom Signal is an online app for service providers and advocates that specialize in reaching victims of online sex trafficking or sexual exploitation. When a potential victim replies to a direct outreach message, it enables advocates to develop relationships and build trust with vulnerable populations in acute crisis.

Our in-house technology team is made up of software engineers and other tech professionals who have dedicated their skills to combatting online sexual exploitation. By creating the software ourselves, we’ve able to develop software in conjunction with advice and input from survivors. Our unique non-profit technology team is able to quickly address the needs of our partners who are connecting with people in need and offering services directly to this underserved population.


Learn more about our technology work at FreedomSignal.org.

Victim Reachout
Finding potential victims online & building relationships through a texting platform
Decoy Chatbots
Decoy chatbots pose as minor or adult sex trafficking victims to interact with buyers
Deterrence Sites
Redirecting buyers to deterrence websites with information about consquences & alternatives
Social Media Reinforcement
Reinforcing deterrence messaging on social media with buyer profiles generated from bot data
Search Ad Deterrence
Interrupting buyers who are searching for sex buying opportunities by using keywords to target deterrence messaging
Data Analytics
Developing insights into regional buyer and victim patterns & behaviors

Volunteer with our tech team

Our software is primarily built by volunteer engineers. We're always in need of volunteers who can help us complete features by collaborating remotely or in person in our Seattle office.

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