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No One Should Be Forced Campaign


Developed in partnership with Washington Anti-trafficking Response Network (WARN), Washington Advisory Committee on Trafficking (WashACT), Seattle Police Department, WA Attorney General’s Office, and King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, this campaign aims to enable human trafficking victims to identify themselves in order to access services.

Since the launch of this campaign in November 2010 calls from WA to the National Hotline have dramatically increased! Get involved with the campaign and spread the message that victims of human trafficking have rights and help is available.


Please follow these steps to participate in this grassroots effort to poster your community and let victims of trafficking know that help is available!

1. Download the Poster
2. Be sure to get permission from wherever you plan to post – businesses, community centers, churches, schools, etc.
3. E-mail Robert Beiser and let him know a) how many posters you printed and b) where you are posting them
4. Reach out to your community and help empower victims of trafficking to access the help they need!

If you’re interested in modifying this poster for use in another state, please contact Robert Beiser.

Seattle Against Slavery has the privilege of working with the WSDOT to get our No One Should Be Forced Campaign into each safety rest area all across the state of Washington.

PHASE 1 – Complete!

Permanent 23″x14″ posters are being placed in all 23 kiosks located at WA safety rest areas.

PHASE 2 – Complete!


2 bathrooms x $205 per placard x 47 rest areas = $19,270

Permanent placards are now installed in the men’s and women’s restrooms in every safety rest area across the state.  There is already response, so thank you for your support!

To help us continue to maintain these vital victim-outreach placards, please support us below:


E-mail info@seattleagainstslavery.org with questions or to get involved