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Things You Can Do On Your Own

Now that you know human trafficking is happening, what can you do about it? SAS serves as a link between passionate people wanting to get involved in the fight against human trafficking and the organizations working directly with those who have been trafficked.

Here are tangible ways you can help

  1. Educate your family & friends about human trafficking & slavery in our world today and urge them to action. Organize an event in your home.
  2. Donate money to some of these great organizations that:
    • Provide direct services to survivors locally (e.g. WARN, Asian & Pacific Islander Women & Family Safety Center, YouthCare, New Horizons Ministries)
    • Restore survivors globally (e.g. Love146, HagarUSA)
    • Rescue victims & prosecute perpetrators globally (e.g. International Justice Mission)
    • Raise public awareness (e.g. Polaris Project, Not for Sale Campaign)
  3. Support legislation geared towards achieving our goals for a slave-free Washington and country.  See our Legislation page for more information.
  4. Connect SAS to your nearby community center, school, faith-based organization, community association, business group, women’s group, men’s group, etc. for a ‘Human Trafficking Awareness’ event.
  5. Volunteer with SAS
  6. Volunteer with one of our Partner Organizations and check out their websites for internship, training, and volunteer opportunities.