Thien Nhi Nguyen

Thien-Nhi Nguyen is a 6th grader at CHOICE Academy in Des Moines. She hopes to raise awareness of human trafficking and help fight it. Her passions include playing the piano, baking, writing, and reading.

 Debunking Common Myths that the Media Spreads about Human Trafficking

    Human trafficking is often falsely portrayed by the media as something glamorous or entertaining. Movies and songs portray human trafficking as something unrealistic, involving gangs, mafias, etc. Many influential news sites focus on few trafficking cases, making human trafficking seem rare. At first, the media’s misrepresentation of human trafficking may seem harmless, but it isn’t. The media’s misrepresentation…

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 How Covid-19 is Affecting Human Trafficking 

  With all the events happening in the world right now, the world is too occupied to notice things that are happening in the shadows. Trafficking has now become an invisible crime because of the limits the pandemic has set up. Traffickers are coming up with more creative ways to exploit their victims with the advantages they have in their…

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