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Advocacy 101

One of the most important ways community members can support the work of anti-trafficking professionals is by engaging in legislative advocacy. Direct service providers are attending to constant, daily emergency needs and have very limited capacity to address the larger structural issues. We can help get at the root of the issue on a policy level and empower the professionals to better achieve their goals in providing services to victims of trafficking.

The image below walks us through the political process and helps us understand how to play the game! We need your help throughout many steps along the way. Most times, one call or email is not enough–our voices need to be heard multiple times and  at various points. Only then is the momentum created to carry a bill through to completion.

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As we enter into the 2017 Legislative Session, this page will be updated to include current information and actions items. Until then, we offer more general resources. Please keep checking back as we get closer to January and the 2017 Legislative Session.

Suggested Templates for Contacting Legislators

Make the call:

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [City and Neighborhood]. I’m calling to ask Senator/Representative [NAME] to vote YES to pass the [Insert Bill Title]. I feel this is very important for our community and will better empower and protect victims of  trafficking. Would you please pass this message on to the Senator/Representative? Thank you!

Send the e-mail:

Hello Senator/Representative [NAME],

My name is [NAME] and I live in [CITY/NEIGHBORHOOD]. I’m writing to ask that you vote YES to pass [Insert Bill Title].  I feel this is very important for our community and protecting those who are most vulnerable. Thank you for your public service.



State and Local Legislative Contacts


Additional Resources

To learn more about the efforts of anti-human trafficking policy advocacy, we invite you to explore the resources below: