Our Strategic Priorities:


We engage youth in the anti-violence movement, increasing the number of people who are aware and educated about exploitation.


We create technology that connects victims and survivors with advocates who offer help and hope.


We establish pathways for justice & accountability among men who have caused harm.


Our Values:


We hold ourselves and our work accountable to survivors of exploitation, the needs in our communities, and our values.


We know that all intersectional liberation movements are central to anti-trafficking work.


We lean into the tension of working with and within systems to achieve justice and cultural transformation.


We use data-driven approaches for long term effectiveness, impact, and results.


We build strong partnerships because community is power, and power creates change.


We are honest and clear as we work towards justice and equity for all.

Board of Directors

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Christian Fulghum

Board President

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Audrey Gilliam

Board Vice President

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Jackie Laird

Board Member

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Katelin Kennedy

Board Member

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Stephen Morse

Board Member

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Joanna Sylwester

Board Member

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Ryter Von Difloe

Board Member