Shop to Stop Trafficking

We have incredibly powerful tools right in our pockets.

With just our wallets, many of us have the ability to stand against trafficking. Whether buying a gift for a friend, or an everyday product, there are companies who vow to ethically source the items they sell. For those of us who have the privilege of choosing where to shop, where we spend our money can make a difference.

Below are five companies dedicated to the fight to end trafficking. Next time you’re ready to make a purchase, consider contributing to these social enterprises!



About: Rethreaded offers a variety of products, ranging from jewelry to bags to home decor. Whether you’re looking for handcrafted candles or honey butter toffee, they offer a variety of goods for every occasion.

Impact: Rethreaded employs survivors of trafficking in Jacksonville, Florida at every level in their organization, from production to marketing. They have provided over 60,000 hours of work and employed 40 survivors. Additionally, Rethreaded partners with other businesses fighting trafficking by helping to distribute and sell their products through their Freedom Business Partners program.


Arise Box

About: Arise Box is a quarterly subscription box providing ethically and sustainably made products empowering a variety of causes. Their latest Summer 2020 box offers dried pineapple from a female farming co-op, sustainability sourced soap raising funds to save endangered species in Hawaii, and many other products.

Impact: Every Arise Box sold helps to build care packages for human trafficking survivors. Over the past three years, Arise Box has created 140 care packages, donated art therapy supplies to child survivors in Ghana, and contributed to a multitude of other causes. Each box also comes with a handmade postcard for you to write a note of encouragement on and mail back. The postcard will be given to a human trafficking survivor in a care package!


Tony’s Chocolonely

About: Tony’s Chocolonely creates 100% slave free chocolate. Their delicious goods satisfy every craving, featuring flavors ranging from milk caramel sea salt to dark pretzel toffee.

Impact: Tony’s Chocolonely is creating change at every stage of the chocolate making process to end child and labor trafficking. They accurately trace their beans to the five specific cooperatives to ensure transparency, and also provide farmers an additional premium, above the Fairtrade premium, to ensure farmers’ wages meet calculated living costs. Beyond that, Tony’s helps strengthen cooperatives that benefit farmers, commits to work with farmers for five years, and helps them to increase their harvest yield and productivity. To date, Tony’s has worked with over 6,600 farmers and paid farmers an additional $2.8 million in premiums.


Starfish Project

About: The Starfish Project offers beautiful pieces of jewelry, ranging from wood carved earrings to enamel bracelets. A silver and turquoise ring or gold and pearl necklace could be the perfect accessory to send as a gift.

Impact: The Starfish Project empowers survivors in Asia by employing them as jewelry makers, graphic designers, accountants, managers, and more. Through their holistic care and vocational training programs, they have employed and provided safe housing, healthcare, and counseling to 40 exploited women in 2018. Their community services program reached an additional 1,300 women working in brothels.


Sari Bari

About: Sari Bari has a wide range of home goods, such as hand quilted sari blankets and table runners. Check out their diaper bags and changing mats as the perfect gift for a new parent, or their wallets and backpacks for a graduating student.

Impact: Each Sari Bari product is made of recycled saris hand stitched by a woman who has survived human trafficking. Each artisan is supported with job training, healthcare, and support for school, housing, and mental health. In 2019, Sari Bari impacted 119 women and provided 140 mental health and group therapy classes, 59 wellness checkups, and 74 tetanus shots.


Creating change is as easy as online shopping! Whether through supporting these businesses or others, let’s try to use our dollars to make a difference.