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Seattle Against Slavery is a grassroots coalition working to mobilize our community in the fight against sex and labor trafficking. Driven by the belief that the rights and dignity of every person should be respected, we build partnerships that unite passionate volunteers and advocates with local and national non-governmental organizations and government agencies.


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Trafficking Prevention for Schools: empowering youth to end exploitation

In high school classrooms at this moment there are potential victims and potential exploiters, but there are also future consumers who will demand ethically-sourced goods, future voters and law-makers, and future bystanders who may someday feel emboldened to prevent harm. Our curriculum offers an age-appropriate, structured, safe space to catalyze valuable cultural changes during an important time of physical, social, and personal development.


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Freedom Signal: direct outreach for trafficking victims


Freedom Signal is a web app created by Seattle Against Slavery for automated text outreach that helps direct service providers expand and enhance their outreach efforts.


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Stopping Sexual Exploitation & Men’s Accountability

Stopping Sexual Exploitation: a Program for Men is a non-judgmental program based on principles of social justice and personal transformation that’s designed to help men understand their behavior and promote their own decisions to not buy sex.

The Men Engaging Men to End Violence program has trained facilitators working with men to empower them to become allies in the fight against sex trafficking and create a safe space in which community members feel comfortable discussing healthy relationships, violence prevention, and both social and personal responsibility.


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