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Local Labor Trafficking Conviction 10/19/11

http://www.ice.gov/news/releases/1110/111019seattle.htm Click on the link above to read about another excellent example of our local collaborative work among law enforcement and NGOs. Assistant U.S. Attorney Ye-Ting Woo shared, search “This case was superbly handled by the HSI Tacoma Group and SPD High Risk Victim’s Unit, sale both of whom responded during the weekend to rescue […]

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Nice history of anti-trafficking efforts in Washington

Nicely summarizes past and present efforts to curb trafficking in Washington State. It’s sad to see that Washington is such a hot bed of trafficking, but encouraging to see the effort to make the change! http://www.seattlepi.com/local/sound/article/Human-trafficking-Washington-works-to-stop-demand-2201667.php

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36 Slaves Working For Me

By Erin Murphy, Advocacy Director Or so the Slavery Footprint Survey that I just took so tells me. And apparently that is 7 more slaves than most other people that have taken the survey. Yikes. My first reaction was that I breezed through the test way too fast. It is a really detailed survey! I […]

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Trailblazing State Law on Human-Traffic Bogs Down

Washington was the first state to pass a law against human trafficking in 2003, viagra but so far there are only two convictions. “Where we are with human trafficking today is where we were with domestic violence 30 or 40 years ago, medicine ” say a top law enforcer. See the full story here.

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Fair Trade Fund launches www.slaveryfootprint.org

Once you find out that many of the products you use in your daily life have possibly been made by slave labor, what do you do?  Often people become paralyzed by the lack of information available, frustrated and overwhelmed by how few slave-free choices they have, and then they go back to their usual ways […]

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Who Are We? Your SAS Team

by Erin Murphy So you may be wondering, “Who exactly is behind this organization and website?” If you’re at all curious, read on and I’ll make some introductions to our SAS Managers Team. SAS is a fully volunteer-run organization. So even with the fancy title of “Manager [of something or other]” it is unpaid volunteer […]

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Contemplations on New iPhone purchase and social justice

by Erin Murphy Your SAS Advocacy Manager here. Do you struggle with being an ethical consumer and balancing a good deal with your commitment to social justice? I sure do! I’ve been an android user for 2 years now and unfortunately my smart phone was becoming less and less smart by the month. In fact, […]

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Support the TVPRA

by Taryn Varady Are you passionate about fighting against human trafficking? There is a new revised piece of legislation coming forth called the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA). This act was first passed in 2000, there view which created the first federal law to address human trafficking. This law focuses on a three prong approach […]

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Ukranian Brothers to go on Trial in Human Trafficking Case


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Human Trafficking is a Reality in Puget Sound


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