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Bizarre Human Trafficking Case Where Teen Girls Are The Culprits

A human trafficking case in Ottawa Canada allegedly involved three teenage girls forcing other teenage girls into prostitution… The police are still investigating and the identities of the girls involved will not been released because they are minors. According to the article the girls are likely to spend up to three years in jail if […]

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Joint statement from Mayor Mike McGinn and Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles on Backpage.com

Mayor Mike McGinn and Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles issued the following joint statement this afternoon in response to Backpage.com suing Washington State in an attempt to block SB 6251 from becoming law. SB 6251 makes advertising the commercial sexual exploitation of a minor a felony offense.   “Village Voice Media facilitates the exploitation of minors in […]

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Village Voice Sues Washington Over Age Verification Sex Ad Law

I recently wrote a blog about claims made by Backpage and their parent company Village Voice defending their policies. The article I mentioned in that post says basically that by bringing traffickers online, and allowing them to post their sex ads on Backpage, it makes it easier for law enforcement officials to capture traffickers. Yesterday however, […]

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Fair Trade Friday Spotlight: Grounds For Change

Grounds for Change is a fair trade coffee company local to the North West. They are 100% certified organic and carbon free. To be considered a carbon free company they must submit their product life cycle to a very detailed analysis. The really cool thing about Grounds for Change however, is contained in this blurb I […]

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BackPage Gets Defended in the Seattle Times in Fight Against Trafficking.

It appears the Seattle Times is claiming that Backpage is an ally in the fight against trafficking. This is an interesting claim since many feel Backpage is in fact the opposite. Recent laws have been passed in Washington state requiring sex workers ages to be verified on Backpage. However this doesn’t help trafficking victims that […]

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Child Porn Investigation Blows Up In FBI Bomb Experts Face

Donald Sachtleben was a top agent at the FBI. He worked counter terrorism and helped on the Unabomber case. He was until recently teaching a class on improvised explosives at Oklahoma State University, and his latest accolades include getting busted for distribution of child pornography. The FBI decided in 2006 to get serious about stopping […]

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Manhattan Has the Right Idea

A father and son pimp team known as Mr. Vee and King Koby ran a prostitution ring in Mahattan NY, try cheap going as far as to brand the women they enslaved with their rediculous names. But Manhattan is coming down on the duo hard. The two men face up to 25 years in jail […]

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Real Men

I think this site is really cool. It’s full of real men and women who prefer real men making a clear statement about trafficking. That statement is “real mean don’t buy girls.” The site was started by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore in an effort to spread awareness regarding the trafficking of children. It’s nice […]

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Think Logistically

Getting stuff from point A to point B requires a lot of planning and time. Most people don’t think about the journey their products take from its point of origin to the end consumer. Every product in this country is brought to you on a truck at some point during that journey. Americas infrastructure is […]

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I just Googled Human Trafficking

Google is so popular their brand name is often interchangeably used as a verb to describe the act of searching the internet, buy viagra i.e., pilule I just googled human trafficking. Google has landed themselves in the spotlight recently as some lawmakers are questioning their ad policies. According to this article Google bans ads for […]

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