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Powerful and Moving Photos Of Modern Slavery

This article was recently sent to me via Facebook. I think it’s important to share because it shows many different forms of human trafficking, not just forced prostitution which is something people tend to focus solely on. I also feel that photos are moving, powerful and of a very high quality. The photographer is obviously […]

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President Obama Addressed Human Trafficking Issues Today

Obama spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative today and addressed the issues of human trafficking. Check out the video’s of the event here. By Jared Stewart    

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What Happens After A Trafficking Victim is Rescued?

According to this article rescued victims are at risk for re-exploitation. The article says “a recent in-depth academic study by researchers at the University of Texas, sildenafil Austin and North Carolina A & T State University, looked at women in Texas who had been trafficked from other countries. It showed that victims need targeted, long-lasting and culturally […]

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Example of Effective New Trafficking Laws

An Atlanta stripper was convicted of sex trafficking and several other counts including child molestation. Because of trafficking laws that have recently been passed this man and his accomplice are looking at much harsher penalties then they would’ve seen just last year. It’s a good example of new harsher laws keeping traffickers locked up for longer […]

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Adorable Abolitionist

Vivienne Harr is an entrepreneurial eight year old girl with a lemonade stand. Unlike most eight year olds however she’s raising the money to fight human trafficking. Read more about Vivienne and her lemonade stand here. By Jared Stewart

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Human Trafficking In Grand Forks

Two men and one woman were involved in pimping a 17 year old girl in the city of Grand Forks, N.D.  What’s surprising is that Grand Forks is a small city with a population of about 52,000. To put that in perspective Seattle’s population is 65 times larger than that.  Another surprising factor is that […]

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How Much Time Should Lamont Brunson Spend in Jail?

A New York man was sentenced to three to nine years behind bars last week after he was found guilty of human trafficking. The victim in the case came forward after four years of abuse. She was 17 when it started. Brunson had branded his street name on the victim. According to the article. New […]

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TV Ad Targets Village Voice

There is a TV ad that is very sad and very moving targeting Village Voice. The video contains a 13 year old girl talking about how she was sexually exploited and how her pimp used Backpage to advertise her. There’s an article about here, and you can watch the ad here. They’re also asking people […]

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FBI Sting Saves Children and Brings Traffickers to Justice

The FBI teamed with local law enforcement all over the country to carry out a massive three day sting. It’s an activity they perform yearly. 79  children were rescued and  24% of those children were rescued in California according to this article. Over 100 pimps were brought to justice as well and will face trafficking […]

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More Details Revealed In Bizarre Ottawa Trafficking Case.

Police are still searching for the third girl allegedly involved in the prostitution ring. Some experts are skeptical that the girls involved are the true culprits. They speculate that they are or were likely victims of trafficking at one point themselves, sovaldi although one of the girls Facebook pages indicate she was not coerced as […]

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