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Sex Trafficking & Seattle’s Hotel Industry

We were very fortunate to hear from Mar Smith last night. She said that the “worlds of human trafficking and hotels are closely tied.” She went on to point out signs that hoteliers can look for in order to spot trafficking victims such as anyone who appears fearful or disoriented, paid for the room in […]

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Youth Sex Trafficking in Seattle

We were lucky enough to hear Dr. Debra Boyer speak to us about youth sex trafficking in Seattle last night. She stated that there are between 300-500 youth in Seattle engaged in prostitution. Since these youths are not old enough to consent to sex they are considered trafficking victims. According to police the numbers stated […]

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Breaking the Cycle of Human Trafficking

The interfaith event “Breaking the Cycle of Human Trafficking” was held last night at Herzl Ner Tamid . We heard from a very special guest speaker, view Urmi Basu. Basu is the founder of the New Light Center in Kolkata, India. The New Light Center works to promote gender equality as well as fight violence against women, […]

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Homeland Security Investigations: Arresting Traffickers & Empowering Victims

Todd Rignel from Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) came all the way from Bellingham to give a presentation for us!  HSI is a part of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, see and they handle cyber crimes, ailment smuggling, cialis and human trafficking investigations. Agent Rignel shared about cases involving agricultural trafficking, housekeepers kept as slaves, and sex […]

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Wisconsin Women Accused of Trafficking a Minor

An odd human trafficking case is unfolding in the mid west where two women from Wisconsin are being charged with forcing a young girl from Illinois into prostitution. According to police reports the two women were advertising on Backpage.com under escort services. Backpage was involved in a legal battle last year with Washington state over […]

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National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

The President has declared January National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. It’s really great that the issue is getting all this attention and hopefully one day the problems of slavery will be eradicated. Sadly though the scope of human trafficking is still unknown, even with all the attention the issue is receiving. We have a […]

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Department of Labor Introduces New Toolkit to Fight Child Trafficking

“The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that there are 215 million children in child labor worldwide, remedy 115 million of them in hazardous forms of work. It also estimates that 21 million people are in forced labor, unhealthy six million of them children.” – Department of Labor Every year children are forced to work in […]

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Trafficking. It’s Not Just About Sex.

This article from the Guardian UK says that trafficking victims aren’t just prostitutes. Trafficking victims are working for nothing in mines, farms and homes as well. All too often the idea in the public mind is that human trafficking is all about rescuing women from the clutches of pimps and ruthless men. Prostitution is an issue […]

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What is the Role of Men in the Fight Against Trafficking?

The human trafficking expo in Grand Rapids MI aims to bring a male voice to the issue this year on Nov 4th. They will be featuring a speaker who married a woman who had been sold to the Japanese mafia at the age of 18, he plans to talk about how he coped with what […]

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Powerful and Moving Photos Of Modern Slavery

This article was recently sent to me via Facebook. I think it’s important to share because it shows many different forms of human trafficking, not just forced prostitution which is something people tend to focus solely on. I also feel that photos are moving, powerful and of a very high quality. The photographer is obviously […]

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