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Seattle Against Slavery (SAS) advocates for state laws that better protect trafficking victims, provide adequate services for survivors, prosecute traffickers and buyers, and prevent human trafficking and slavery. See how the state of Washington ranks nationally in responding to human trafficking.

Washington is a model state in many ways for anti-human trafficking policy, and we therefore need to continue to advocate for improvements in the law. Policy is a critical component to SAS’s work for both international and domestic policies determine the greatest amount of impact for the greatest number of people.

We have seen over the last decade of elections that ordinary citizens can make a big difference when we engage in the political process. Pushing and supporting our state and federal lawmakers to pass bills that address all domestic and foreign nationals from human trafficking, labor slavery, sexual exploitation, and forced prostitution, is one of SAS’ primary role as a grassroots coalition. SAS’s legislative successes require everyone’s help to effectively communicate our community’s prioritization of this issue.

SAS collaborates with local law enforcement, NGOs, and policymakers to guide our policy strategy in the most comprehensive and informed way possible. We then engage with the greater Seattle community in order to create a strong voice for change.