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What is the Role of Men in the Fight Against Trafficking?

The human trafficking expo in Grand Rapids MI aims to bring a male voice to the issue this year on Nov 4th. They will be featuring a speaker who married a woman who had been sold to the Japanese mafia at the age of 18, he plans to talk about how he coped with what happened to her.┬áThe expo is portraying men as ‘silent protectors.’ The conference also hopes to shed light on the issues of domestic violence.

I think what they’re doing in Grand Rapids is a great way to bring attention to these issues, but what about men who have been trafficked?

Sex trafficking is human trafficking but human trafficking is not always sex trafficking. Lots of men and women are forced to labor in fields, factories and mines for little or no pay. These men are victims as much as anyone else.

Are men silent protectors in the fight against trafficking? What are your thoughts?

By Jared Stewart