Powerful and Moving Photos Of Modern Slavery

This article was recently sent to me via Facebook.

I think it’s important to share because it shows many different forms of human trafficking, not just forced prostitution which is something people tend to focus solely on. I also feel that photos are moving, powerful and of a very high quality. The photographer is obviously talented and it’s great that she’s bringing attention to the issue of modern slavery. You can check out her personal web site here.

By Jared Stewart

Press Release from Seattle City Attorney on Aurora Buyer Arrests

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 5, 2017 FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Kimberly Mills, Communications Director Seattle City Attorney’s Office (206) 684-8602 Sex buyers facing criminal charges from SPD operation on Aurora Avenue The City Attorney’s Office will soon review cases for charges of Sexual Exploitation arising from an operation by the Seattle Police Department’s Vice and High-Risk […]

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