How Much Time Should Lamont Brunson Spend in Jail?

A New York man was sentenced to three to nine years behind bars last week after he was found guilty of human trafficking. The victim in the case came forward after four years of abuse. She was 17 when it started. Brunson had branded his street name on the victim. According to the article.

New trafficking laws make it easier to convict pimps but are the penalties severe enough? The victim was abused for four years and the convicted party could spend as little as three behind bars.

It’s hard to say what’s fair in cases like these. What are your thoughts?

By Jared Stewart

Press Release from Seattle City Attorney on Aurora Buyer Arrests

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 5, 2017 FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Kimberly Mills, Communications Director Seattle City Attorney’s Office (206) 684-8602 Sex buyers facing criminal charges from SPD operation on Aurora Avenue The City Attorney’s Office will soon review cases for charges of Sexual Exploitation arising from an operation by the Seattle Police Department’s Vice and High-Risk […]

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