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Manhattan Has the Right Idea

A father and son pimp team known as Mr. Vee and King Koby ran a prostitution ring in Mahattan NY, try cheap going as far as to brand the women they enslaved with their rediculous names. But Manhattan is coming down on the duo hard. The two men face up to 25 years in jail instead of the maximum 15 for pimping. Men who solicited the service of these prostitutes can also face up to a year in jail instead of the usual 90 days. This is all happening because of a law that was passed in NY back in 2000.

The law that was passed 12 years ago allows this case to be treated as human trafficking instead of prostitution. This means stiffer penalties for the pimps; and that the prostitutes involved are being treated as the victims they are and receiving help instead of being treated like criminals.

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By Jared Stewart