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Think Logistically

Getting stuff from point A to point B requires a lot of planning and time. Most people don’t think about the journey their products take from its point of origin to the end consumer. Every product in this country is brought to you on a truck at some point during that journey. Americas infrastructure is vastly reliant on the trucking industry. Cargo arrives at the docks of Seattle, it’s loaded onto a tractor trailer and then shipped to Toledo. Florida Oranges are driven from Florida to every state in the country.The people driving these goods to market travel extensively across the country visiting several rest stops along the way…

Enter Truckers Against Trafficking, A NPO dedicated to educating the trucking industry and utilizing professional truck drivers to fight human trafficking.

We all know a large majority of trafficking victims move through rest stops, so do truckers, so what better group to enlist the help of then the fleet of men and women who spend as much time out their as the victims?

By Jared Stewart