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Colorado Man Indicted on Human Trafficking Charges

A Colorado man was indicted on charges of human trafficking. Who was this man you ask? Hardened career criminal? Petty thug? No, he is Kizzy Kalu, CEO of “Global Energy Initiatives” and worse, the operator of a fraudulent NPO called “Global Village Hope.”

So this man was masquerading as one of the good guys all the while luring foreign workers to the United States with lucrative job offers. When the workers would arrive he would tell them the positions they were promised had been filled then he would force them to work in long term care facilities and withhold the majority of their earnings.

Nobody noticed. Not his neighbors, not his community and not even the companies that paid him to have these workers show up in their facilities. How did everyone miss this?

I think they missed it because they didn’t even think to look for the signs. When people hear human trafficking they often equate it to prostitution. Sex workers are not the only victims of human trafficking. Here are some red flags that indicate exploitation of workers.

– The person is not free to come and go as they please.

– The person is paid very little or only through tips.

– The person doesn’t speak for themselves.

– The person seems frightened, submissive or extremely on edge.

– The person shows signs of abuse.

– The worker lacks their own transportation.

For more signs of human trafficking check out this list. If you think you know someone this is happening to contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline at 1-877-3737-888.

By Jared Stewart