Interactive Slavery Map

By: Christina Sherry, Advocacy Intern

Not for Sales’ interactive slavery map lets you view incidents of human trafficking in your city, state, region and country. Take a look here:

Here you’ll find details of the cases, including persons charged and specific details.  There are 1, 560 reports listed since 2008.  While many of the incidents listed involve sex trafficking, there are a number of cases also listed for trafficking of domestic servants and manual laborers.  

This interactive map is important because it allows communities to be aware of the types of activities going on in their neighborhoods.  Through the details of the cases, specifics about how a trafficker coerces persons into servitude are revealed and offer a chance for individuals to learn how one may fall victim.  One also learns through the case details how complex and violent some of these trafficking rings are.  The interactive map also encourages individuals to report incidents to be included.   This feature allows for communities to not only be aware of activities but to be actively involved in recognizing and sharing information on incidents.   

Looking through case details in Washington State, a few questions came to mind. Are there any locations with trafficking cases that are surprising?  What might be the reason certain types of cases are concentrated in specific areas?  How might some of the information provided through the case details be used to offer more services to victims?

With 27 million people estimated to be slaves around the world, it is important to make the issue as close to home as possible.  Through this, a face can be given to the victims and information can be shared on how everyone can help put an end to human trafficking.

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