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36 Slaves Working For Me

By Erin Murphy, Advocacy Director

Or so the Slavery Footprint Survey that I just took so tells me.

And apparently that is 7 more slaves than most other people that have taken the survey.


My first reaction was that I breezed through the test way too fast. It is a really detailed survey! I definitely did not take a lot of thoughtful time and was almost more distracted by all the cool interface design. My second reaction was that everyone else probably cheated and made their answers better than they probably really are. Feel free to analyze my reactions–I sure am!

I am also slightly confused because my results show that the my areas that are connected to slavery are as follows: conditioner, body wash, car, cds, dresses, and dvd player. But it doesn’t explain how the number 36 factors into all of that. What if one item uses a significantly higher amount of slave labor than another? And is there brand information or suggestions that I should know about to improve my consumer choices?

This is probably the most interactive and interesting such survey around slavery that I have ever taken. Props to the creators for that! It reminds me of the carbon footprint test that was circulated a lot a few years ago. It offers a lot of informational tidbits along the way but I think it could offer some more targeted information and explanations for my personal results.

Take it for yourself! http://slaveryfootprint.org If you are willing, please share your result and your personal reactions to it.

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