Who Are We? Your SAS Team

by Erin Murphy

So you may be wondering, “Who exactly is behind this organization and website?” If you’re at all curious, read on and I’ll make some introductions to our SAS Managers Team.

SAS is a fully volunteer-run organization. So even with the fancy title of “Manager [of something or other]” it is unpaid volunteer work. Good thing I like the people I work with! We meet in person once a month to plan for that month’s work. Let me take you around the room of a typical Manager’s meeting.

Robert Beiser–Executive Director. Robert has served at Public Awareness Campaigns Director for a year and a half with SAS before stepping up into his leadership role.  After several years at Microsoft, he left the tech world to work as the Repair the World Director at Hillel at the University of Washington in Seattle as a social justice organizer.  Music is also one of his passions, and Robert performs nationally as a singer/songwriter under the name A Mountain Cat.

David Adams–Finance Manager. David was an International Justice Mission Fellow and placed in India for about a year. He now works for Microsoft but does cool stuff like do work on X-box and travel to Paris. He does an excellent job keeping our finances in shape and following all financial policies. David loves all things scanned and electronic, and nothing in paper form.

Brynn Nelson–Communication Manager. Brynn has been with the team since SAS began and we are sad to see her leave us in the next month to pursue new things. We are grateful for her long-time commitment and the incredible skills she brought to SAS! Her fashion is always amazing and her day job with Nordstrom keeps her busy. Recently engaged, everyone at SAS wishes her big congratulations! She is currently with her mother in Mexico treating her to a vacation and making the rest of us jealous.

Victoria Lewis–Mobilization Manager. Tori is one of the most organized people you will ever meet and we are lucky for that! We also benefit from all her funny stories that she shares as her day job as a preschool teacher provides her with lots and lots of funny stories.

Taryn Varady–Education Manager. Taryn is the perfect education outreach person as she does lots of trainings as part of her day job with Aveda Corporate. Her extensive traveling and volunteer experience gives her incredible perspective and a lot of enthusiasm for the work of SAS.

Erin Murphy–Advocacy Manager (Me!). It is always kind of weird to talk about yourself but here it goes. I do legislative advocacy to pay my bills as the Director of Education and Advocacy at the YWCA. I have my Masters degree in Public Administration in addition to a Masters degree of International Studies from UW. I’ve been with SAS since almost the beginning and love connecting with people. I travel with my harmonicas and will salsa dance just about anywhere.

So there is our current team. We will experience some transitions in the near future and possible openings. Do you see yourself as a good fit for our team?

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